Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I got crafty! Baby shower gift

I am getting to the age where some of my friends are starting to have babies! It is seriously hard to believe, and I almost have to pinch myself to think how fast time is flying by. One of my best friends from college, Emily, is having her baby girl in June. Since Ft. Lauderdale is so far away from North Carolina, I was bummed I wouldn't be able to attend her shower. I just knew that meant my baby shower gift would need to be extra personal to make up for my absence! One of my coworkers at my last school (shout-out to Kelly) was awesome at making adorable decorated names for hanging in babies' nurseries. So I headed to Michaels, picked up my supplies and got busy crafting.

Emily is decorating her daughter's nursery with the Carter Safari Brights pattern, so I tried to incorporate the colors and jungle animals when working on some of the decorations. Here is the photos from Carter's web site of the crib set.

Link to Carter's site
I forgot how much I love working on little craft projects. Without further ado, here are the finished products!

Painted the letters from Michaels, then used
end of pencil to apply polka dots.
Hot glued the ribbon to the back of the letters for hanging.

Pretty simple - just painted the frame -
traced a Chik-fil-a cup for the circle shape,
then hot glued a craft letter from Michaels to the frame

Bought the frame from Michaels. Trimmed a piece of scrapbook paper to
size of frame. Then I printed a clip art of an elephant, traced it
onto plain paper, cut, and added details with Sharpie.

I think they turned out pretty cute, and having projects like this helps me to put off my desire for a baby of our own - at least for now!


  1. this is precious! I need some of your craftiness!

  2. Super cute...Great job!
    I think you've motivated me to get my butt in gear and complete some craft projects on my list!


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