Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another School Year

Well, judging from the fact that I haven't been very active in the blog world lately, it must mean that school is back in session! In fact, this Friday marked the end of our second week of school.

My latest batch of kinders are very cute, of course, and they just have tons and tons of energy. So much in fact that I am wondering if they are leaching it from their very tired teacher! I have been running on iced coffee fumes for the past few weeks, and it felt so wonderful to get an uninterrupted THIRTEEN hours of sleep last night!

In my personal life, I was very lucky to have my mom visit me for half the month. She helped me organize my life, I mean, my apartment! And then she also came to my classroom a couple days too for helping me set up classroom supplies and hang up decorations. I used plastic tablecloths on my bulletin boards this year instead of paper and they were so much easier to hang up! I've heard they don't fade as much either. We even rubber-banded little pieces of felt to the bottom of my school chairs so they wouldn't be so loud all year long!


It was so great to get in some girl time and eat some delicious food with my mama! Like some yummy berry cakes at the Cracker Barrel. Mmmm.

After school started, I got my car back from the repair shop, after 27 days of driving around a fancy red mustang rental car. I am so glad to have my car back, and just in time to get my emissions inspections done and renew my tags. Then over labor day weekend I went home for my friend Brittany's wedding. She had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Vines Mansion in Loganville, Georgia, just miles away from where Dustin used to live while we dated. That drive there and back sure brought back a lot of great old memories!

The happy couple!
This weekend I am hoping to enjoy a little bit of Gator football, catch up on laundry, and finish a couple of Pinterest projects that I have been puttering around on lately. Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend as well!


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