Monday, September 10, 2012

SEC Football in the House!

Ever since I started college at the University of Florida eight years ago, I have found a new way to mark the coming of fall. No, it's not with the introduction of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, or even the explosion of Halloween decorations at Michaels. I know fall is here when College Game Day is playing on Saturday mornings, and I spend three hours cheering on my Florida Gators! These last two weeks have been true nail-biters at times, but I love my college football.

In fact, I love my Gators so much - I am devoting this post to some crafty creations inspired by my alma mater's mascot.

Like this "Chomp-Worthy" display for student work in my classroom. I simply painted a plaque from Michaels, wrote the letters using puffy paint on wax paper while tracing computer-printed font, cut out an alligator shape using my Cricut, and then mounted it with mini clothespins to allow it to hold paper.

I think my love for the Gators is definitely rubbing off on my students as well. I use a little Gator stuffed animal as the mascot for our class (named Albert), and he gets to visit student homes over the weekend. Quote from a parent e-mail this week:

"A. also learned the Gator chomp over the weekend while my brother n law and his girlfriend were in town. She has been doing it non stop so don't be surprised if she comes in showing you! She was really excited because she watched the "Albert" team play football this weekend!"

Love it! Nothing like recruiting Florida football fans from the age of 5, ha ha.

Anyway, the other craft I worked on is this Florida ribbon wreath. I bought some ribbon from Michaels, along with the foam wreath base. While organizing my spare bedroom I also discovered a collection of ribbon I had purchased while making belts my freshman year of college. So I used some of those cutey gator ribbon pieces as well.

Once the hubby returns from Afghanistan, this football season will get even better. And I just may be getting him to become a Florida fan as well. Today when I asked him if he disliked every other coach in the SEC as much as I did, he answered that he didn't hate Muschamp, but only because he went to UGA. It may not be much, but I am still going to take it as a small victory from this Athens-raised Georgia boy.

What helps mark the start of fall for you?

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  1. I love love love fall pumpkin spice lattes, sweater and boots! Yay for bringing back the fall wardrobe! This Canadian girl doesn't get much time to wear the cool but not freezing cold out outfits, so I enjoy them as long as I can!


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