Sunday, September 30, 2012

Autumn Wreath-mania

With the husband deployed for nine months and counting now, it seemed just about the right time for me to knock off some items on my Pinterest to-do list. Several trips to Michaels later, and I have some lovely handmade fall wreaths hanging in my house now!

Here was my "pinspiration"

This first wreath seemed to take forever! I used some pinking shears to cut sheet after sheet of orange felt into 3-inch circles. Then I folded them into sixths, and pinned them into my foam base. Afterward, I clipped on a black spider decoration and added black ribbon for the spider's web, and a larger ribbon to hang the wreath. It still feels like it is missing a little somethings, so I think I'm going to add some black letters saying EEKS! I'll update the photo after I get that finished.

And wreath #2 "pinspiration", followed by my version.

This wreath was a much quicker project - only 15 minutes! I bought a plain twig wreath from Michaels. Then I added a couple sprays of beaded garland, and made felt ribbons. The felt ribbons were made by simply cutting felt into long strips. I wound the strips around and around. When one strip ended, I incorporated the next strip where it left off. I think the colors from this wreath match beautifully with our family room decor, and should be able to stay up until Thanksgiving! Here is a photo of the original wreath, and then my version.

I am linking this project up with The Pinterest Challenge. And in Thirty Handmade Days' Friday Pity Party. And in the Halloween Link Up Party. Join in the fun by clicking the links below!

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  1. They look so good! We should have an arts and crafts night!

  2. Yes! We should do it one of these Friday nights after you get off work - I have lots of homecoming crafts I want to work on :)

  3. Loving that second wreath!

  4. Gorgeous! My weekly linky party--One Creative Weekend--has gone spooky this week in honor of my thirteenth party. If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll visit "One Creative Weekend" on (open every Fri-Wed) and link up this idea and anything else you’d like to share. (You can include non-Halloween posts as well, but feel free to link up as many Halloween-themed posts as you like.) There are two categories—one for Halloween and one for everything else.


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