Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Date Weekend

We had another really fun weekend here!

Friday night we celebrated the fact that I had two AWESOME job interviews on Thursday by having dinner at Olive Garden. It felt good to have something to celebrate, and it really feels like my luck may turn around here in Jacksonville. I would be so happy to have a job to go to every day once fall rolls around! We ate way too much, and the waitress let me sample this sparkling wine that was incredible. So that was a pretty good day.

Saturday we cleaned house and headed to the commissary to do our weekly grocery shopping. I swear we always go grocery shopping on the most crowded days ever! Luckily, they had everything we needed and still managed to get in and out pretty quickly. I even saved 10% ($8) using my newfound obsession with clipping coupons from the Sunday paper!

Then Saturday night we went on a double date with some new friends that live in our apartment complex, Mark and Rachael. We had dinner at Chili's and went bowling at Bowl-a-rama. I swear, Dustin and I aren't obsessed with bowling, even though it seems like we have done it a lot since moving here. It's nice that I made a friend though, since it can get pretty boring just being with my cat all day on the weekdays :)

I am starting to realize that I really had better enjoy the rest of the summer, in case I have to get to work soon. Pre-planning for teachers starts in only 4 weeks...where did this summer go?


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