Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our Relaxing Weekend

We tried really hard to make this weekend a pretty relaxing one. I finally feel like I am getting into a routine at school, so that is making my time after school a little more relaxed and available for fun!

Friday I went out for girls' night with some of my new blogging friends. We ordered a HUGE pizza, played board games, and roasted marshmallows over a bonfire. Pretty fun night! After that I met up with Dustin and one of his new coworkers. We went out for a couple drinks at O House, saw a guy get choked (what?!), and then came back home and crashed from pure exhaustion.

I slept in on Saturday morning and my wonderful husband surprised me with a Chik-Fil-A biscuit and Diet Dr. Pepper in bed. Have I mentioned how much I LOOOOOOVE him? The rest of the day we chilled with the new kitty and Bailey, and then got dressed to go to Oktoberfest in downtown Jacksonville.

 I think we are officially on fair/festival overdose right now. We ate a brat (not nearly as yummy as the ones I made a few weeks ago), walked by the petting zoo (which offered camel rides, oddly), and ran into a couple of my students with their families as well.

Then we headed out Halloween shopping. We bought some materials to make our Halloween costumes, and then I started making a list for our Halloween party we are having next weekend. Bought the UFC fight and had one of Dustin's buddies over to watch the fight, so it was overall a pretty cool night.

Today I have been putting up some Halloween decorations, and putting off planning my classroom fall/Halloween party and lesson planning. I seem to always be able to put off school stuff until at least 7 pm on Sunday nights - try to enjoy my weekend as long as I can! Dustin just found out one of his family members in Georgia passed away, so I am most likely spending the weekdays alone while he goes home to be with his family. Going to probably spend this week working late at school (gotta love parent conferences), cooking, and cleaning in preparation for Halloween weekend. October is flying by!

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  1. Yes, October is flying by really fast! I'm super excited about the party! Right now we are planning on coming but I will let you know for sure!


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