Saturday, October 30, 2010

Preparing for Halloween

We are having a Halloween party! In order to prepare, I have spent this week running to and fro cleaning, straightening, and decorating our place, along with preparing Halloween festivities for my classroom. Well, 58 cupcakes, 6 bags of marshmallows, a dozen gourds, 22 child-sized handfuls of pumpkin guts, and several times nearly pulling my hair out, I survived our classroom party!

I spent Thursday and Friday getting our house ready for Halloween. Doing pretty good on my checklist so far!

Bought candy for trick-or-treaters (will we have any at an apartment? don't know) CHECK
Baked Halloween magic cookie bars CHECK

Put together an easy fall centerpiece using previously mentioned dozen gourds CHECK

Carved our first Colwell jack-o-lantern (with our initials) CHECK

Made a huge, yummy smelling batch of Apple Pie in a Jar drink CHECK
Fashioned my DIY Halloween costume (just need some fabric glue) CHECK

Now I just can't wait to get the party started!

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