Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where am I from?

"Where are you from?" This is a question everyone gets asked often in life, but living in a military town, you get asked this question a lot more often, because everyone is from somewhere else, it seems. Over the past few months I have gotten quite used to answering this question, but I feel like I have to give my whole life story to actually explain my answer. I have lived in a whole bunch of places over my lifetime, and I can't really decide which one I am "from". 

I was born in Indiana, and moved around the Illinois/Indiana area for the first 13 years of my life. This is where 90% of my extended family is from, is where my younger brother is now living and going to grad school, and it is the reason why I don't have a southern accent, but do cheer for the Chicago Bears.

Shoveling my Grandma's snow on a visit to Indiana
At 13 I moved to Georgia, and went to middle/high school there. My parents still live in Georgia, and my youngest brother goes to college at Georgia Tech. Dustin and I met in Georgia, and all his family lives there as well, so I guess that makes the most sense as our "home".

Baseball game at Turner Field in Georgia
To add another state in the mix, though, I went to college at the University of Florida, and then lived there two years after graduation as I worked on my Master's and taught second grade.

At the Springs in Florida
I am a little bit from all three of these areas, but I also kind of feel like I don't 100% belong in any of them. I guess it makes me feel a little bit detached, which can be a bad thing. But on a positive note, it means I am incredibly adaptable, and explains why moving to North Carolina and being a "military wife" is less of a challenge and more of an exciting adventure! I definitely feel like I can relate easily with my students, many of whom have already moved to several different states by the time they began kindergarten.

So, that's a little bit about me - a Midwestern/Georgia Peach/Florida Gator/USMC wife. I guess we all wear many hats :)

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  1. People always ask me if it was hard moving away from my family to live with Danny. I moved here BEFORE I even met Danny!


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