Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Five

I am once again participating in my friend, Nicole's, weekly Thursday 5 post. Here are the words...


 Our weekend was absolutely outstanding. We went mini golfing in Swansboro, didn't cook at all (hello, takeout), and even knocked out a few loads of our ever-looming laundry. I hope this next weekend will be just as wonderful!

After a very intense hour of Zumba class on base, coupled with 12 minutes on the tallest Stair master I have ever seen in my life (I almost fell off TWICE!), I feel very refreshed. A nice relaxing shower has put my mind at ease, and has me back on the right page to be eating healthy and working out once again. I need to undo all the damage from the last week of post-anniversary celebration/laziness.

I can't help but feel adored by my little students in my class. When I gave them their afternoon hugs today, one of them said "Mrs. Colwell, you are a great teacher. Every day you are a great teacher!" Well thank you very much little one!

 The warm weather that has been hanging around the past couple weeks has got me feeling very cheerful.  I am looking forward to the days of wearing colorful spring dresses, enjoy weekends spent mostly outside, and feel the warmth of the sun!

 I was looking up some stuff to do in the Jacksonville area these upcoming months and I am excited to check out the farmer's market. I really want to try to eat more fresh food, and how cool would it be to pick out some locally grown produce? It doesn't open until April, but when it does, we are so there!


  1. Where is the Farmers Market? I keep hearing about it but have no idea where it is! I'm so excited for spring and summer...and can't wait to get out of the house and starting doing stuff again!

  2. I wish our base offered Zumba! Your newest follower through Thursday five!


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