Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Start to Summer

This past week was filled with teacher workdays. It always feels weird to be in the school for an entire day with no little kids roaming the hallways! I accomplished a lot in organizing paperwork, sorting through old junk, and even received lots of wonderful teacher hand-me-downs from two of my team members who resigned this year. I now have a wonderfully stocked housekeeping center, complete with toy food, plates, dress-up aprons and marine gear, and baby dolls to dress up. I'm sure my students next year will be excited to play with all the new stuff!

Wednesday night was the staff end-of-year party. We took a river cruise for New River Marina and Cafe. Everybody brought a little food to share and their own drinks. It was a really fun time. Beautiful scenery, nice breeze, good music, and yummy food and drink. I think this would be a really fun thing to do again later this summer, packing an entire picnic dinner for the ride.

Since Friday was my last work day, I had my last lunch with the ladies on my team (sure will miss those that are leaving), and then started my summer off right! I headed out to Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, North Carolina for a Girls' Night Out with Nicole and Jacque. I totally didn't expect that glasses of wine all night would be FREE, but that was a very pleasant surprise. We grabbed ourselves some seats at the wine bar, chatted, and sipped on different Duplin wines. What a perfectly relaxing night out - and they even had some live music in the background! Of course, I also took an opportunity to take advantage of the amazing 40% off wine sales they were hosting. I left Duplin winery the proud owner of a case of Duplin's finest - 12 amazing bottles of wine.

Sure, it seems like a lot at first, but it will hopefully last me through some fabulous date nights in with the hubby this summer. Saturday the hubs and I just enjoyed a chill day in the house. We both slept in ridiculously late, then watched some movies on TV. In the evening, I decided to kick of my summer of cooking by whipping up some delicious crab cakes and garlic potatoes.


To be fair, this was a familiar recipe, so I was definitely working within my comfort zone, but it was just as delicious as the first time around. I cheated on the potatoes. They were the "frozen in the bag" variety, but they sure tasted good to Dustin and me! We headed out later on last night for an ice cream run to McDonald's. I think the people working there may have forgotten how to work their McFlurry machine, because I came home with a cup of ice cream, with a scoopful of M and M candy just tossed on top. Sad face from me that I had to mix up my own shake, but it was still delicious!

Sunday I baked a batch of brownies, so our house smelled like a delicious chocolate factory!

I also continued on my summer goal to cook a LOT more often, as I made some yummy home-style macaroni and cheese.

Looking forward to another eight weeks of getting to cuddle up to this little cutie as well!


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