Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party: The Sequel

Last year our Halloween Party was loud, fun, and wild! This year, well it was a little more low-key. And I think we were pretty okay with that. We just ordered some pizza, chatted, and played board games with our friends! I dressed up in 80's attire, and Dustin went as Charlie Sheen. 

We mixed up a batch of our famous Apple Pie Punch, and this year kept it simmering in the Crock pot for a nice warm relief from the sudden cold outside! 190 Proof Everclear is no longer for sale in North Carolina, but they still sell a 151 proof version, which worked just fine for our needs. If you want to check out the recipe, you can find it here...

Our local ABC store also has a section on North Carolina products, and we picked up a mason jar of Apple Pie Moonshine.

We mixed it with a bit of cider while we watched my poor Florida Gators lose, and it was quite delicious. We are saving the rest of bottle to enjoy with my family when we go to the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football game over Thanksgiving weekend. We might need some moonshine to warm us up!


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