Monday, October 3, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pumpkins

This week's Pinterest challenge had me dragging the hubby out to Michael's this weekend to buy lots and lots of foam pumpkins. My fall inspiration board has so many pretty images of pumpkins, just collecting dust out there in cyber-land.

Original pins:

Lacy Pumpkin

So I went into full-on crafting mode this weekend and made some of these beauties:

Floral Pumpkin

All you need to make this pretty pumpkin is a foam white pumpkin from Michael's  and a pair or fun-patterned tights. Cut the leg off one of the tights, cut the toes off the leg, and start stretching that bad boy over the pumpkin. It took about 5 minutes of yanking and tugging to get it just right! Then I used some tacky glue to hold the hosiery in place, then cut out a piece in the shape of pumpkin leaves, affixing them to the top of the pumpkin. I curled up some fancy black ribbon to simulate the vine, then glued it in a few spots to keep the curl going.

Bedazzled Pumpkin

For this faux bedazzled pumpkin, I simply used Black Tulip fabric point to make the gem shapes in a pretty pattern all around my pumpkin. Quick, easy, and cheap!

All Wrapped Up Pumpkin

I headed over to the ribbon aisle at my local craft store, and picked a couple varieties of ribbon. Then I just wrapped and glued, making my way around my tall pumpkin. Voila!

Of course, after decorating all these lovely pumpkins, I would be the type to find even more beautiful ideas that I would love to attempt. Like these...

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  1. Those look fantastic! I guess I'll be heading to Michael's soon.... :)

  2. Those look so good! Your ribbon one looks better than the Pinterest version!

  3. Thanks! Good thing you can't see the side of my ribbon one, because I ran out of black ribbon!! Have to head back and find another roll :)

  4. Great job with your pumpkins! I've been eyeing that pin with the lacey tights, but didn't know if I could really make it work - you've given me confidence!

  5. cute! I have so many ideas saved, I think I'm going to scour the aisles when things go on clearance after Halloween :)

  6. Espeically love the "bedazzled" pumpkin, so classy. :)


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