Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts in the Classroom

From the time Veterans day ended until Thanksgiving arrived, I had 7 school days to teach my class all about the first Thanksgiving! The kids learned about the voyage on the Mayflower, and compared the way people lived then to the way people live now. Let me tell you, it was a shocker to them that Pilgrims didn't have TV, even off the Mayflower. Kids are so funny!

Here are some of the Thanksgiving crafts we worked on during the week and a half. All that cutting and gluing was good practice for their little fingers!

I didn't take a good picture of it, but the sentence strip on the left is a patterned headband with feathers. The yellow page is a hand print turkey. I printed out a cute poem to go with it, leaving some blanks for sight words that the kids had to write in themselves.

Pine cone turkeys!

Toilet paper tube turkeys - with things the class was thankful for written on the feathers.
We celebrated the last day of school before Thanksgiving with a pie tasting extravaganza! We all tried a slice of pumpkin, apple, cherry, lemon, and chocolate pie, and the class voted on their favorite pie. Chocolate was the overwhelming winner with 16/24 kids claiming it was the best! 


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