Monday, November 28, 2011

Three Thanksgivings and a Football Game

Dustin and I spent most of Wednesday driving back the 500 miles from North Carolina to Georgia. We stopped at Cracker Barrel when we arrived in Georgia for dinner with Dustin's dad's family. I ordered some yummy pancakes, because I love a great chance for breakfast for dinner when I get the chance. We had fun catching up and talking about how crazy Black Friday shopping would probably be this year. We headed back to my parents' house and stayed up drinking wine and watching our Wednesday night sitcoms with my parents.

Thursday morning came and we were up early getting ready for our busy day. Dustin's family was not all getting together at one place (long story, trust me) so we had two different spots we had committed to be at, as well as Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and brothers back at my house. It was quite the balancing act, but we had a plan and were off!

First we went to Dustin's aunt's house. We got to see Dustin's cousins, and our two nephews and niece. The boys threw the football around for a bit and then we chowed down. We were starving by the time we ate, and may have overindulged a bit. But hey, I planned ahead and wore some stretchy clothes!

We spent the afternoon over at Dustin's uncle's place. It was nice to catch up with Dustin's cousin and his wife, as they are close to our age. Dustin tried a bit of food here, but I was still way too stuffed to even consider eating!

Finally, we were back at my parents' house. I helped my mom to make the green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole, and before we knew it, it was dinner time! After our meal, we played a card game together. It was so nice to have all six of us sitting around the table chatting and relaxing.

On Friday, my mom and I braved the crowds in the middle of the day for an hour or two of shopping around at the Mall of Georgia, while the boys played a round of golf. Saturday we woke up incredibly early to head into Atlanta for the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football game. We pre-gamed at my little brother's apartment with mojitos, egg casserole, and apple french toast. Mmmm. We walked over to the stadium and unfortunately suffered through a Georgia Tech loss. The weather was beautiful though! It sure is great to live in the South and not have to wear a coat over Thanksgiving weekend.

This five day weekend absolutely flew by! It is bittersweet to me that winter break is only three weeks away. I can't wait to get back to Atlanta and spend more time with my family, but that also means that Dustin will be deployed by that time as well. He isn't leaving ADVON anymore, but he is going to miss Christmas nonetheless. I am just trying to continue enjoying every moment he is here safe with me!


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