Saturday, December 17, 2011

Too Busy to Blog

This last week has thrown me in a complete whirlwind. We are less than a week from Dustin deploying, which in itself is crazy, stressful, and emotional. Add to that the last week of school before winter break and it has just been a giant stress mess. Yesterday I woke up with a terrible upset stomach and throwing up - the classic food poisoning / stomach flu! I called in sick and spent the day sipping on Gatorade and munching on crackers to try and keep some food down. I am feeling much better now, so the hubby and I are off to do some Christmas shopping and go out to eat! So, I will probably not be posting too much over the next week, because I will be busy spending some time with my honey before he leaves!

1 comment:

  1. Hey. Im Austyn. I found your blog through Military Spouse Bloggers, even though i'm not one. lol We too live in Jville. From your pictures it looks like you work at my brothers school, then again they all look the same. lol Your blog is adorable!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as your husband deploys! Merry Christmas!!



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