Monday, February 27, 2012

Keeping Busy

I have been trying my best to keep busy with Dustin being gone. There are some things that have been keeping my calendar comfortably full.

1. School work - Nothing like the old J-O-B to keep my plate forever full. Actually, more like overflowing with work that is always keeping my to-do list an entire page long! I can check off my third unannounced observation of the year, and it went fantastically! It was another teacher that had to observe me this time and she was really impressed with the rigor in my classroom, saying that she saw lots of connections between my kindergarten lesson and her fifth grade classroom. It feels so good to get some kudos sometime!

2. Online shopping - I am not one to usually have the shopping bug. In the last 9 weeks since Dustin left, I have refreshed my wardrobe quite a bit. I am really digging the new clothes, and I figure if we are still saving a lot of money, I won't feel too guilty!

3. Saying "yes" to invitations - I always love a chance to socialize, but when Dustin was here I was often hesitant to commit to events with people from work or "girls-only" activities because, well, I knew the deployment was coming and that I would be missing him like crazy pretty soon. But now that he isn't here, I have been making sure to keep busy with lots of events with friends and coworkers. Since Dustin left, I have had a lot of fun and have kept pretty busy - two cooking classes, a fondue night, Pampered Chef party, and a Jr. League social in Wilmington. When each Friday afternoon comes, I am glad to have a couple days off work, and feel even better to have something on the schedule to structure my days around.

4. Planning for our future - Am I the only military spouse who feels like every day I change my mind about what would be the best "move" for us when Dustin's EAS comes around in March of next year? Dustin's career planner is supposed to talk to him in July about making the final decision on whether to re-enlist or not. I know it's not just me, because my hubby seems just as confused as I am. It's at times like these I just wish we had a crystal ball and could see how our future would play out if we made choice A vs. choice B. I guess I will keep myself busy for the next few months making pros and cons lists.

5. Europe Trip 2012 - We are heading to France, Spain, and Italy for R&R if everything goes as planned. I have been searching flights, browsing hotels, and adding attractions to my to-do list. Having a great vacation to enjoy with my hubby makes me even MORE excited to see him in a few short months!


  1. I can't wait to hear about your Europe trip planning because I have my eye on a trip to Europe next year! I have quite the online shopping addiction too...are you an addict?

    1. I've never heard of - going to have to check that out now!


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