Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I Have Been Hooked on Lately

Well, there hasn't been a whole lot of exciting stuff going on in the Colwell household ever since my other half left for Afghanistan. I've learned that my "just me" days have quite a few things that I didn't really do when Dustin was here. Like...

1. Staying at work until at least 5:00 every day. I used to be the kinda girl who loved to leave at 4:30 to get home and spend the evening with my hubby. But I have found that am so much more productive if I stay at work an extra hour or so and work with all my materials at my fingertips. I am starting to really get all my materials and thoughts organized. That is such a good feeling, even though it is only a stepping stone.

2. Diet Mountain Dew mania! Well, this was kind of a problem when Dustin was here, but I was successful at kicking my crazy caffeine habit back in December and January, but I am unfortunately hooked again.

3. Watching Gossip Girl. I don't think I have watched this show in about two years, but I am back and loving it! Plus their outfits are always wonderful.

4. Stressing about life post-deployment. Dustin is deployed for the very last part of his contract, so he will basically just be back for post-deployment leave and filling out paperwork, as long as we still decide he should end his active duty career. So many decisions to make!

Overall, time is passing very slowly, but I am absolutely grateful to have a job that occupies my mind, keeps me busy, and makes every day completely different from the one before it.


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