Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who I Hang Out With Monday to Friday

I can't post any photos of my adorable students for privacy reasons, but I just want to share with the blogging world some little snippets of my little kinder kids.

We had a "Penguin Science Day" where we acted out how penguins carry their eggs, how penguins use oil to make their feathers waterproof, and how blubber helps keep penguins warm. Here are the things my students "hoped" we would do...Check out the cute penguin drawings!

" I hope we measure ourselves "

" I hope we feel penguin fur " - oops! guess this one didn't get that penguins have feathers!

" I will stick my hand in ice "

Comparing student height to Emperor Penguin and Fairy Penguin

" Penguins flap their wing "
There is nothing cuter than a collection of some little kinder drawings.


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