Sunday, October 7, 2012

Banner Making Event

Today I headed to the USO in Jacksonville for a Banner Making event with my husband's unit. Knowing that it is time to start preparations for Homecoming makes my step just a little bit peppier lately!

Before I was ready to work on the banner, I had to get all my supplies ready ahead of time. I ordered some shower curtain liners (fabric) online through Amazon. I have decided I am going to make a navy sign and a black sign from me, and hang one on the Midway Park side of Lejeune, and the other one on the Tarawa Terrace side of the main gate. Plus, I ordered a white curtain for my class to decorate. We are going to make the hand print flag I have made for the past three years, but take it to the next level by letting the kids sign their names with a sharpie, and write a giant "Welcome Home Heroes" to the top of the sign. I can't wait to start that project together!

Back to the topic of making my banner. I have been tinkering around on the computer to design my signs, and once I was all ready I printed the letters out in giant font. I laid the letters out on the shower curtain, cut out the letters, and then stenciled them with a white crayon.

Then I was all set to work on painting with the other wives down at the USO. It took forever since I had to do the work on the floor, but it was fun to work in the company of the other families, and chow down on some free Girl Scout cookies! I ended up painting about half of my base white coat, so that the other colors will really pop on top of the white. I am going to leave you with some progress shots, and I am hoping I will have my two banners finished a week from now!


  1. It's time to bust out my favorite outdoor fabric banners for this one. It will surely attract some people. I do hope to see loads of people get into this contest to share their works as well.

  2. Getting so close!!! I'm so excited for you!

  3. That looks nice! How fun for you guys to make banners together :)


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